First Time Ski Mountaineer on Mt. Shasta

I have a new term for you: summit apathy. It is the opposite of summit fever. It is the lack of interest, enthusiasm, or even concern to reach the summit of a mountain. I had never experienced it before we were on Mt. Shasta this past Summer and, man, it was depressing.



Pass the hot chocolate. You already know that camping during late fall or winter can be chilly, but here you are. Your campsite is reserved, your partner is excited to go, and the kids can’t wait for the adventure. But all you’re thinking about is how cold it is going to be. Cold weather camping can be enjoyable for any family. All you need to know is how to make hot chocolate outside and the basics of cold weather camping that I’ve broken down in the steps below.


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Despite having been to Thousand Island Lake on a backpacking trip before, this past trip was special. My boyfriend, Jordan, had never been on a backpacking trip and this was my chance to show him the ropes. We parked the car at Agnew Meadows (outside of the Town of Mammoth Lakes) and began the 7.75 mile moderate trek up to meet the John Muir Trail. The trail also crosses the Pacific Crest Trail and we saw groups of hikers, mostly men, coming from each and every direction.



Camping season is here and sometimes buying all the gear needed for a camping trip can add up — especially if you’re camping as a family. But these tips and tricks can help you and your family have a budget-friendly adventure without breaking the bank.